How We Work

Practicalities – PLEASE READ

Confidentiality    Sessions are confidential. The only exceptions to this are if, for any reason, your counsellor believes you or someone else may be at serious risk of harm.  If possible, your counsellor will discuss this with you first.

Code of Ethics   As Practitioners we are members of and adhere to the Code of Ethics of our Professional body.  A copy is available for you to read at any time.

Beginnings   Beginnings are important. If you would like,  we can meet for half an hour so we can get to know each other a little better, clarify any initials questions, and decide the way forward (no charge for this).

Feedback-Informed Treatment   Before each session you may be invited to complete a very brief questionnaire about how you have been feeling during the previous week in various contexts, and after each session about how you felt the session itself went.  In this way we can monitor progress and make adjustments where necessary.  The goal is for you to benefit from our work together and there is good evidence that this approach improves outcomes.

Supervision   All practising counsellors and psychologists in NZ are required to attend supervision. Your counsellor meets regularly with a Supervisor – a Registered Psychologist/Counsellor.  Whilst client work is discussed, clients are referred to in such a way as to keep their identity private.

Cost / EAPs   Your session fee is determined by a sliding scale based on income. Payment may be in cash or by online banking.  On-line banking payments should be done, if possible, before your appointment.

There are also various employee assistance programmes (EAPs) offered by employers which provide employees with three confidential free sessions. Check whether your employer has an EAP programme.

Also ask about other funding sources that may be available.

Timekeeping    Each session is maximum of 1 hour. It is the responsibility of both the counsellor and the client to manage the time.  If you arrive late, we will still finish at the set time for the appointment. It can be useful for you to arrive 10 minutes early so you can sit quietly and ‘gather your thoughts’, away from the busyness of your day.

Cancellation or postponement    If you need to cancel or postpone for any reason please let your counsellor know (call or text) as far in advance as possible.  By making an appointment you agree to pay a cancellation fee if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance – other than in the case of a genuine emergency or if the slot is able to be filled by another client.

Outside counselling sessions     Christchurch is a small place! If you happen to bump into your counsellor when out and about, they will not approach you – but you are welcome to approach them if you want to!

Alcohol and other drugs    If you come to our appointment under the influence of alcohol or another drug the session will not go ahead.  The session will be rescheduled and the full fee will be charged.

Endings/Poroporoaki    Endings are important. If you are part of an EAP programme you will know when your last session will be.  If not, you can discuss this with your counsellor and arrange this.  The final session can be used to discuss the changes you have made, reflect on the journey, and honour the time you have spent together.

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