Grief and Loss

        There is no grief like the grief that does not speak.                                          William Wordsworth


Loss is a normal part of life which touches us all.  We are social beings, we form strong attachments so the death of someone we love is a devastating experience, often unimaginably painful and life-changing.

Whilst our emotional responses to the death of a loved one haven’t changed, our understanding of grief has.  The process of grieving has evolved, particularly in ‘Westernised’ cultures.  We used to be expected to ‘move on’, get over it’ and hide our pain after ‘sufficient time’ is deemed to have passed.  Nowadays we look at grief as a normal, healthy response to loss, and bereavement as the process of learning to live with the loss and grow around it. We often need new inner resources to cope with it – which can be hard, when grief itself is so exhausting.

There are many factors which affect our experience of loss.  One of these is culture:  cultural traditions have a powerful effect on the way in which grief through a death is experienced.  The way in which we work with all our clients is respectful of and appropriate to your cultural background. We embrace Maori culture through our training and continued cultural supervision.

Don’t struggle on – get in touch with Glenys or Emma.  We welcome anyone who is grieving any type of loss. 

Whether you’ve experienced a recent loss, suspect you may have unresolved grief which is still affecting you, or just feel stuck… we encourage you to seek help.

As well as support, we can provide you with practical advice, resources, and information on Grief Support Groups.




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