Glenys Henshaw

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With my little helper, Beaudie, who sometimes comes to my sessions











Primary to my counselling is the  therapeutic relationship. I see my role to provide the conditions for this to be developed and be maintained. A place that is safe and non-judgemental that allows you, my client, to express your thoughts, feelings and emotions without prejudice. A place where you feel listened to.   A relationship which is responsive and caring, that allows you self-exploration, growth and healing. A place for you to just be.   I trust, given this supportive environment, you will make positive choices and changes to your life.

I work with clients from 20 years of age and over; in areas of grief and loss; with trauma – recent and past; with anxiety, stress and depression.   I am a provider for ACC, for people who have experienced sexual abuse.

I come to counselling with a large kete of experiences and an open mind.   I hold a belief that all our experiences, both good and bad, were and are for a reason, and make us who we are.

My experiences include work in the Health and Education sector; in small and large businesses; in New Zealand and overseas.    I have worked with and for different nationalities and ethnic groups.  From this background I bring an open mind and acceptance of new experiences and challenges.

My counselling style is a person centred approach using tools and techniques from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Solution Focus therapy, Narrative Therapy and others.

I do not do EMDR.

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