Welcome to Resourceful You

We call our therapy business Resourceful You because our time with clients is all about finding that way forward to psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical well being.  Sound good?

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Are you resourceful?

Being resourceful means being able to meet the demands of a situation both practically and emotionally, resolve issues and develop relationships.

Internal resources can be self-esteem, confidence, spirituality, creativity, optimism etc.

External resources can be your family, friends, relationships, job, community, activities and interests.

Feeling helpless or conflicted increases anxiety which is mentally and physically stressful and demotivates you, holding you in an unresourceful state. ‘Down days’ are inevitable from time to time and we usually have protective factors which help us through.  But there are times when, for whatever reason, your mental and physical energy is depleted by having too many ‘demands’ made of you.

What therapy is…

It’s all about the relationship, working collaboratively, learning and being pro-active so you can move forward.

What therapy isn’t…

It’s not a magic wand!   Commitment, motivation, and some time are all necessary for change to happen.

You can expect

to be listened to, non-judgementally and in confidence

to have unhurried time to reflect

to reconnect with your inner resources

to learn new, adaptive strategies

to uncover old, unhelpful ‘beliefs’, and negative thinking habits

to gain clarity.

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